C4D插件:C4D阿诺德Arnold渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA R17/R18/R19 Win/Mac




C4DtoA 2.1版本开始不再支持C4D R16,增加支持C4D R19,如果安装后C4D 打不开,请先卸载插件,然后把C4D更新到最新版本,最后重新安装插件即可


IPR crash when the hair shader is modified

IPR crash with instances and motion blur

Occasional IPR crashes when modifying a shader

Unnecessary IPR updates when a focus object is set in the camera

Slow startup because of unnecessary license check

Mesh light is not visible through transmissive surface

Alembic vertex color tag of particles does not render

Nested procedurals do not render

Arnold driver output path does not resolve $take token in Team Render

Can not select output components of a vector shader in the network editor


百度网盘:      Win版本    密码:8pnd               Mac版本     密码:k3mj

城通网盘:      Win版本                                          Mac版本



C4D插件:RealFlow|Cinema 4D 2.0.1 Win/Mac

C4D插件:C4D高级OBJ序列导入导出插件汉化版Riptide Pro 2.5

C4D插件:C4D高级粒子插件X-Particles 2.1 Build 08




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