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可以模拟真实海绵或者水流效果,也可以自定义控制水花波浪等 Introducing the Ultimate Water 3D shader, the best water shader created for Blender. The Successor of the Ultimate Water Shader. With more than 5 new realistic features and several improvements!The full price variant contains the Ultimate Water 3D (UW53 D) + the Ultimate Water 5hader (UW5), the older (NOT obsolete version).

一套不断优化和逼真的3D植被(主要是树木和草丛)的图书馆。它具有各种树木,草,花卉,杂草,棕榈,多肉植物,灌木,杂草,植物和花盆,以实现建筑可视化,环境设计,森林渲染,园林绿化或任何其他可能使用多种多样绿化的场景。还添加新功能,例如风吹动画,不同级别的细节,树木绘画等。 Tree library Botaniq is an ever-expanding library of optimized & realistic 3D vegetation – mostly trees and grass. It features a variety of Trees, Grass, Flowers, Weed, Palms, Succulents, Shrubs, Weeds, Plants and Pots for Architectural Visualization, Environmental Design, Rendering Forests, Landscaping, or any other scenes that could use a bit of varied greenery.

一共包含7套共超过440组科幻机架风格零件贴花材质预设,通过Decal Machine插件调用

包含城市道路、街道、高速公路、人行道、红绿灯、楼房建筑、招牌、垃圾、公共设施等多种模型预设,可以自定义场景环境,比如灯光、下雨、红绿灯控制等 Is more than an asset pack. It´s a powerfull add-on to create amazing urban scenes.


Geoflare 是一个几何节点对象,可以实时产生镜头耀斑效果。具有物体遮挡效果、镜头污垢、可广泛定制、基于几何节点、资产浏览器集成、实时和视口渲染,兼容Eevee和Cycles渲染器。

创建多达106个混合和匹配不同部分的女性动漫风格角色网格。自定义它以帮助提高您的生产力!一个好的基础网格可以让您节省时间,并具有良好的比例和干净的拓扑。 Create up to 106 female anime style character meshes mixing and matching different parts. Customize it to help increase your productivity! A good base mesh allows you to save time with good proportions and clean topology.

  【预设简介】 包含一些制作好的合成渲染节点,可以直接使用,也...

  【预设简介】 包含基础的女性角色模型,自己可以在模型基础上做...

包含9组卡通动漫风格眼睛,自己可以调节多种参数,blender格式 Stylized Anime Eyes is a procedural eye texture generator as a node group for Blender. Designed from the ground up with heavy customization in mind to measure up to the incredible variety seen in anime eyes, you can create countless eye variants with ease.

包含10个三维人物,角色都是已经绑定好的,可以直接使用 Lollipop Characters™ is an Addon and/or growing Library of stylized character rigs and assets for Blender. Volume 1 contains 10 unique stylized characters, each with their own libraries of utilities and wardrobe of clothes ready to go.

包含城市道路、街道、高速公路、人行道、红绿灯、楼房建筑、招牌、垃圾、公共设施等多种模型预设,可以自定义场景环境,比如灯光、下雨、红绿灯控制等 Is more than an asset pack. It´s a powerfull add-on to create amazing urban scenes.

这套预设包含30种赛博朋克科幻风格三维灯光模型预设,支持KIT OPS插件。 KPACK works with Kit ops. KIT OPS is the premiere kitbashing asset management tool for Blender with over 50,000 downloads. It works in both – FREE and PRO versions. Real geometry It is super easy to use and can be used in different workflows. Inserts are made with no bevel applied, so you can modify them even further if you wish. You can make anything that you want, whether it be mech, gun, crate, cylinder, or even a whole environment, such as a galaxy station or base on Mars. The pack is made in Blender 2.9, which means it works in both versions – 2.9 and 3.0+.

使用Car Teleporter ,您可以轻松地在项目中导入和使用汽车。拥有超过90多辆汽车(将增加更多),您可以在您的建筑项目、物理动画 场景、修改、 NFT 、 hdri 、游戏引擎中使用它。 With Car Teleporter, you can easily import and use a car in your project. With more than 90+ cars (more will be added) there will be no need to buy or model cars. You can use it in your architectural projects, physical animation scenes, modified, NFT, hdri, game engine.

通过切割网格轻松创建有趣的形状。不同形状的预制刀具。几何和未来主义的外观或风格。为您的几何图形添加细节或以切割方式创建基础网格!Create interesting shapes easily through cutting meshes. Premade cutters in different shapes. Geometric and futuristic look or style.Add details to your geometry or create base meshes in a cutting way!

25个低多边形人物模型,带有1K漫反射和法线贴图。用于中远距离相机拍摄。还包括低聚 OBJ 文件。25 Low Poly models with 1K diffuse and normal maps. Use for medium to long range camera shots. Also included are the low poly OBJ files.

包含46种材质和200多个模型和基础网格,可以在任何场景中使用!它们的范围从 自然资产、室内元素到杂项物品,以填充您的场景并使其栩栩如生!支持Cycles和Eevee渲染器


5个独特的设计,无灯,霓虹灯,霓虹灯+贴花地图,共 15张地图 ,1K 和 3K EXR 文件套件操作的KPACK ,预览混合文件,支持EEVEE 和 Cycles渲染器。您可以直接在建筑物上复制、缩放和放置这些单平面视错觉,以创建将室内房间添加到场景中的效果。

拥有超过1000个模型、材质纹理、HDRI预设,8K超高清分辨率,可直接使用。这个插件让您可以直接在Blender内部更快地访问它们。All of our assets are available for free on polyhaven.com. This add-on gives you faster access to them directly inside of Blender, and by purchasing it you’ll also be supporting our work to make more assets for everyone!

超过100种预设,包括材质、粒子、模型等。与 Cycles 和 Eevee 渲染引擎兼容。只需保存在您的资产浏览器文件夹中,然后拖放到任何场景中! Over 100 asset browser ready assets including materials, particles, models, and more. All updates included for free! Compatible with Cycles and Eevee render engines. Just save in your asset browser folder and drag and drop into any scene!


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